Are you a batman fan ? Are you searching for a Batman suit to showcase your halloween style ? Is your kid begging you for a batman costume, the one that will help him have a great halloween forever ? Do you want a costume that will propel you at the center of all the attention in any party ? Let me tell you something: you come to the right place.

Here, I will be shown you my list of the seven Batman’ costume that I will be choosing between if I have to.

If you are someone that paid attention to details, i recommend to go for the number 6. Because with that batman suit, we will be free to choose the pant and the shoe to wear with.


1- The Batman gotham city costume

This hero costume is designing for people who paid attention to details. Softness, comfortability and originality are just a few quality of this costume. The abs will make you look more attractive.

2- the Batman Charades dc

When other superhero wear extravagant costume, batman charades make it simple and easy. The costume is one of the most simple. 

3- Batman the tactical justice

Some people call this costume the destroyer, but I say the justicer. This costume will bring your energy to a next level. It’s shown your soldier aptitude and strenghts. If you are looking for any fursuits for sale I will promptly recommend to go for this.

4- Batman classic heritage

This unique licensed batman tv costume is propably the only that can be found nowadays. It looks simple awesome and luxurious. Its superior construction will bring in you the perfect halloween you were always dreamt about. 

5- Batman dark knight

       This costume is the ideal for this halloween and for years upcoming. Melanie, a costumer said it this way: ” I purchased a size small for my 4 year old. He is a little on the shorter side so it was a bit too big for him which is okay because he has room to grow into it for a couple of years. I just tucked it under the muscle chest and tied the belt over and it was fine for a night of trick or treating. My son absolutely loved his costume this year! For the price, it was certainly better quality than the costumes at the Halloween stores. A huge plus for this momma and son! ”

6- Batman freestyle customized

Between all others batman costume, I personaly prefert this one. It isn’t a full set. You can wear it at your own convenience. You may choose a pant and a shoe according to your choice and your ease. It’s for those who like uniqueness and a certain comfort.

7- Batman deluxe muscle chest

     If you are looking for a batman costume that will show your physical attractivity, go for this one. The muscle chest costume brings all the expectations someone can’t think about . It will give you more comfortability than you would’nt imagine. Your chest will appear more large with muscle and abs.